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odannygirl7 in scenebyscene

Character Discussion - Not!Main Characters

Okay... so we still have Gerald - http://community.livejournal.com/scenebyscene/29127.html

And Charity - http://community.livejournal.com/scenebyscene/29127.html

Both are still totally open to discussion. It's an important part of the process, yo.

So onto not!main charaters. http://www.freewebs.com/scenebyscenecontest/screenplaycharacters.htm says:

Joseph Maddy - Private investigator and a friend to Gerald. Years earlier, Gerald helped Joseph out of his own problems with alcohol. Gerald calls him to help investigate the accident that killed his wife.

Oscar Ramirez - District Attorney that Gerald works with.

Chase - An ex-boyfriend of Charity's. He's her strongest tie to the life of alcohol and drugs that she is trying to leave behind.

Pops - Owner of a local garage near where Charity lives. A fatherly type, he often tries to help the "bad kids". As a result, many of them turn to him for help or use the garage as a hang out.

How does Joseph feel about Gerald asking him to help so early on in the case? Is he doing it as a personal favor to Gerald? Is there money to be exchanged for services? What kind of private investigating does he usually do? What's his fav color? Why did he want to be a PI?

Why did Oscar want to become a lawyer? How did he end up as DA? Winning personality or is he kinda scummy? Does he have a wife? A boyfriend that he has to keep sceret to protect his political career? Kids?

Where did Chase grow up? Rich kid? Poor? Is Charity his only "girlfriend" or does he have a different girl every night? Has he ever been in jail? How did he and Charity meet?

What makes Pops want to help out the "bad kids"? Was he once a "bad kid" himself? Or a sibling of his? Does he have a wife? Children? Did he always want to own a garage? Is it profitable?