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slavezombie in scenebyscene

Call to revive the scenebyscene adventure

I know, I know.   This community hasn't been updated in years, but I've been looking for a way to gather like-minded scene writers in a different way.   For starters, entries to the community would be required to be in the following format:


Why so stringent, you ask?   Simply because I feel that grassroots screenwriting is crucial.   I was not around to partake in this scenebyscene contest when it was active, but there is something about it that I know would have addictive undertones amidst the various how-to screenwriting sites around today.

Since I am not the owner/moderator of scenebyscene, and most of the ljers linked to the success of it are either inactive or moved-on, there isn't much I can do to revive it (or start a new one).   I realize how difficult running a community can be and it isn't something I can do alone.   I'm going to post my own scenes, toward my own full length feature film, here in the hopes that somebody in this community sees the potential of having a revival of scenebyscene.   Let me know where you stand in all this.   You can take a look at what I've tried to do independently with my own attempt at pilcrow_news.

I hope to see your support by signing up to pilcrow_news and posting your scene entries there without prompts or motivational contest offerings, until the time that some semblance of organization will spark an objective for members.   I hope to achieve two things, neither of which involve the self interest of finally finishing my own screenplay, and they are:

i.   establishing a feel for the production of hard copy scenes to be scanned and uploaded, and

ii.   the protection of creative property ownership for individual ljers who contribute to this new scenebyscene idea.


I was never much of a contributor but certainly enjoyed reading when the community was active.